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2020 has brought us many crises but has also offered leaders numerous learning opportunities. It has demanded an evolution of how we work and what we learn. The shifts in these skills are subtle, but they will better equip leaders to lead, whether it’s remotely from the kitchen table in 2020 or in-person as we navigate toward a more hybrid office environment in 2021. [Read more]


What is resilience, and how can each of us cultivate it in our own lives? The ADP Research Institute conducted two field studies. The first identified the sources of resilience, pinpointing the best questions to measure it, and providing specific prescriptions to increase resilience in yourself and those you lead. The second, a global study of resilience around the world, measured aspects of resilience among 25,000 working adults from 25 different countries. [Read more]

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"How to Support the People You Lead in Times of Uncertainty.

Those in any kind of leadership position right now are called to find compassion for the people they serve." [Read more]

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