Our mission is to unleash people’s leadership potential for the benefit of the individuals, their workplaces, families and our communities.


We unleash and nurture executive talent, empower women leaders and develop impactful storytelling – through 1:1 executive coaching, a whole ecosystem for women leadership development, regular programs and events, and consulting services.


Unleash executive talent through coaching.

We specialize in working with senior executives and high potentials to transition successfully into new and more strategic leadership roles.


We’ve created SPARK! CONNECTION, our own ecosystem for women leadership development

Our flagship programs are:
SPARK! – an 1.5 day energizer to ignite the spark of leadership, and

IGNITE! – an 12 week online coaching program with the power of a community.


We promote and develop Storytelling as a leadership skill to help connect leaders with their own purpose, share their values, and inspire others to take action.

We help develop Storytelling in dedicated 1:1 coaching sessions, and our programs and events.


We focus our Consulting Services on:

How to create enabling environments for women to lead. 


We work with government organisations and companies who want to promote more gender equality and diverse leadership.