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"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.''


We promote and develop Storytelling as a leadership skill to connect, inspire and lead.

Storytelling is the most powerful tool for leaders to connect with their purpose, share their values, and inspire and lead others to take action.

You can develop your Storytelling skills in the dedicated Communicating with Impact Program1:1 coaching sessions, and our SPARK! and IGNITE! programs and events.

Steve Jobs


Stories are our human superpowers to inspire, connect with and lead others.  Our stories of moments of choice and overcoming challenges in our lives have the power to communicate who we truly are, why we do what we do, and why others should follow us.

Stories trigger our imagination, and help us to imagine what is possible! They have the power to move people and inspire us to take purposeful action – they translate values into action.


You may think that your personal story does not matter or that people are not interested.     

However, if you are engaged in public work or are leading an organization, you have the responsibility to offer an account of who you are, why you do what you do, and where you hope to lead. If you do not author your own story, others likely will, and it may not be as you wish.




Irene Ohler coaches clients to tell their own stories to connect, inspire and lead.

She does this through dedicated Communicating with Impact Program and 1:1 Public Narrative Coaching sessions based on the Harvard method, events, even in her consulting work, and as part of the SPARK! CONNECTION, an ecosystem for women leadership development.

Irene has studied the Public Narrative framework, a groundbreaking practice by Professor Marshall Ganz at Harvard Kennedy School that for years has proven an invaluable tool for leaders across a range of organizations.

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You can experience the superpowers of storytelling – connection, inspiration and leadership – at our live events as well as in the Book Irene co-authored: Ba Trieu’s 21st Century Daughters. Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women


We’ve been telling Stories of trials and triumphs in Vietnam since 2014 at our Women’s Storytelling Salon live events in Saigon and Hanoi.

To date Irene has organized 28 public Salons with around 1,000 women attending. 

If you’d like to join the next Salon sign up here

You can order the book here


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