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Unleash executive talent through coaching.


We specialize in working with senior executives and high potentials to transition successfully into new and more strategic leadership roles.


 "I delight in creating success for other people    that I can celebrate" 
                                         - Irene Ohler

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Irene was part of the 1st batch of corporate coaches certified in Mainland China in 2002.

Since then she’s continuously added to her education to best serve her clients; in 2007 she became certified as a Global Executive Coach, and in 2020 she completed the Harvard Kennedy School executive program: Public Narrative: Storytelling, Leadership and Action.

She coaches senior executives and high potentials to transition successfully into new and more strategic leadership roles. Her focus is on leadership competencies and intercultural competency development.


Representative 1:1 Coaching Clients in 2020: Country Managers of multinational corporation in Vietnam and Cambodia, Partner at International Law Firm, Consul General, Vice Presidents of university and private company, Global Chief Customer Officer of Fortune 100 technology company.

Irene was recognized as one of “Asia's Top 10 Executive Coaches”

by Asia Business Outlook in 2022.

Executive Coaching is the most impactful leadership development tool as it is completely personalized, and allows clients to immediately apply new insights and new approaches in their unique work context in real time.


The desired outcomes and coaching goals are set together with the coach at the beginning of the coaching process.  Coaching enables clients to make desired changes and to observe concrete, measurable results. 

A coach releases – or unleashes potential in individuals and the organization, sparking a process of transformation and growth.





  • Get in touch with Coach Irene, founder of Lightpath Leadership to book a first 20 minutes conversation to Email: Ireneo@lightpathgroup.com

  • Receive a comprehensive Client Questionnaire to reflect on long-term and short term goals, strengths, resources

  • Sign Coaching Agreement – usually for a minimum of 10 sessions.

  • Involve direct managers and set up feedback loop, if desired

  • First coaching session to set direction and identify clear coaching goals.

  • Seek Irene’s support in between sessions

  • Regular check ins on goals set

  • 10 sessions are usually spread over a minimum of 3 month period that allows clients to observe desired changes

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