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IGNITE! is an online coaching program with the power of a community. 

IGNITE! is both, a 12-week leadership development program AND a community coming together regularly after the program for fresh ideas, new knowledge and inspiration.


It kicks off with a 1on1 coaching session followed by 10 online group coaching sessions on a leadership topic.

Its strength is that it is firmly grounded in the Vietnamese context while drawing on international best practice.


We bring together women+* who can't wait to fully unleash their leadership potential.

For managers the IGNITE! Program is a unique opportunity to nurture and retain their female talent.

For organisations IGNITE! is a way to ensure diversity in leadership roles, 

and to actively position themselves in the market as a place for women leaders to join and flourish.  

IGNITE! and its sister program SPARK! were developed as a response to many companies losing female talent and hence having a smaller pipeline of women leaders for senior roles, because women still face a lot of societal pressure to fulfil a range of roles next to their careers. 


IGNITE! and the 1.5 day Energizer Program, SPARK! are part of SPARK! CONNECTION, the ecosystem for women leadership development powered by Lightpath Leadership. 

The program creator, Irene Ohler, draws on her 25+ years of international experience and her past 9 years' experience in Vietnam, and has designed the program based on cutting edge research and international best practice. 


Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Lightpath Leadership​.

*We use an inclusive definition of "women". Everyone identifying as a woman is welcome. 



Irene Ohler, the IGNITE! program creator and founder of LightPath Leadership, has focused on initiatives that inspire and enable women leadership in Vietnam since her arrival in 2012.


She co-authored the award-winning book Ba Trieu's 21st Century Daughters. Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women, founded the live event series, the Women's Storytelling Salon, which runs in HCMC and Hanoi since 2014, consulted the Australian Consulate General in HCMC on the first Women's and the first Gender Conference in Vietnam, and is a sought after speaker on the topic of women empowerment and leadership.

Irene has more than 20 years of international experience in leadership development, having worked with Fortune 500 corporates and governments in Europe, China, Brazil, New Zealand and Vietnam

as an executive coach and consultant.

What's the story behind the IGNITE!  Program?

Irene Ohler:  "During a “women’s event” in Hanoi 3 years ago I was surprised by one of Vietnam’s first local female partners at a big consulting firm: “We really need to do something for our women”, she said with urgency and frustration in her voice. “For 15 years I keep on hearing the same things in these events, and nothing changes.  

What can we do?!!”


I had no immediate solution for her.

So, I started to search for women leadership programs to bring back to Vietnam. I participated in a few of these programs, and met fantastic women from around the globe.

In the end I decided to create my own women leadership programs, SPARK! and IGNITE!, based on international best practice, but tailored to our Vietnamese context."

Why a Leadership Development Program for women only in Vietnam?

Vietnam is full of remarkable women, many of whom are in executive and leadership positions, or aspire to these roles. But many of these talented women, particularly those in the 25-35 age bracket, are struggling with social pressures to be the “perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect daughter and perfect daughter in law”

while also trying to juggle their career.

As a result, many businesses are losing female talent who 'lean out' to play these other roles. 

Businesses are not only losing their younger productive talent but also

have a much smaller pipeline of women leaders lined up for senior roles.

And, the research is in: companies with more women in leadership positions perform better! 

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute

Vietnam could add $40 billion a year to its GDP by 2025 by advancing gender equality! 

Research also shows that gender shapes women’s paths to leadership and that 

 women-only groups, where participants can experience a sense of belonging, and feel they can bravely share their experiences,

supports women in understanding and shaping who they are and who they can become.

Jane Goodall.png


Magic happens when we bring people of different backgrounds and paths of lives together

in a welcoming environment that allows them to be themselves.
In our programs we call this 'creating a container', a holding environment filled with safety, energy, and possibility.


IGNITE! is for

- female talent identified as high potential by their organisation, 

- leading women ready for their next leadership role,

- entrepreneurs

- leaders in the non-for-profit sector.

We love bringing people together from different sectors, different organisations,

different parts of Vietnam, or parts of AsiaPacific to inspire each other.

All our participants and their managers share the desire to fully unleash their leadership.


The program will IGNITE! the fire of leadership in women. It sets participants on their personal leadership paths, equipped with their unique leadership identity, and the awareness, skills and a supportive community

for impactful engagement in their teams, their organisations, communities and families.



Over the first 12 weeks, you will:

  • Connect with your Leadership Purpose and Values

  • Understand why being anchored in your leadership purpose is particularly important for women

  • Learn to use Storytelling as a leadership skill to connect, and inspire others to take action

  • Gain insights into your leadership strengths and areas for growth

  • Make a plan to experiment with new approaches to leadership and communication at work and outside of work

  • Reflect on biases and gender stereotypes and strategies to successfully deal with them

  • Understand the power of the Growth Mindset to unleash our potential

  • Gain greater resilience to internal and external challenges 

  • Practice concrete strategies to communicate effectively as the leader you want to be

  • Learn that psychological safety (= trust+respect) is foundational for teaming, innovation and performance

  • Internalise the power of strategic networks, sponsors, mentors and how critical they for career advancement

  • Set up Accountability Partnership for continued growth and support.



The IGNITE! Program is Coaching Process over a minimum period of 12 weeks followed by

regular inspiring Community activities and events. 

1.  Kick-off 1on1 coaching session

to set clear intentions for the program with coach, Irene Ohler

2.  Flipped learning approach

 Flipped Learning approach means that the content delivery takes place outside the group learning space.

Participants will get familiar with each sessions content through video and reading material

by themselves before the group session.

This approach enables us to make the most of the time we spend together as a group.

3.  10 weekly 2-hour group coaching sessions

The group coaching sessions are a dynamic, interactive learning space where the coach guides participants to apply the new leadership concepts to their own lives, bravely try out new approaches, review progress, and set goals until the next session.

The sessions will be recorded and participants can access them to review anytime, or in case they missed a session.


Coaching is the most effective leadership development tool.

It's highly personalised, and allows to experiment with new approaches and apply new knowledge in real time on the job,  and track progress and impact over time.  The results are observable and measurable.

Group coaching expands the learning even further. 

Participants learn from their peers, provide support, new perspectives, motivation and

hold each other accountable to ensure everyone is achieving their personal goals. 

4. Choose to join our Community - a group of people who agree to grow together.

Our first online IGNITE! Women Leadership Program will kick off after the summer break.

Join our waitlist to be the first to know when we're ready to go!  Numbers are limited. 




We combine the process of a coaching program with the power of a community.

Because we don't stop growing just because the coaching part of the program is finished.

Participants are invited to join the SPARK! CONNECTION Community to keep on growing, learning and

inspiring each other.  Here are some examples of what we do together: 

supporting girls staying in school through local non-for-profits in Vietnam.


​Weekly email check ins to remind us to stay true to our intentions and make the impact you want to make. 


A bi-monthly call to review or introduce new strategies for leadership challenges



We support girls to stay at school through regular group donations to local non-for-profits.




At the Women's Storytelling Salon we

celebrate women's diverse achievements, and inspire and connect through Storytelling -

since 2014.


Every Salon showcases two remarkable women's stories of their professional pathways

Salon fee is not included in the IGNITE! Program fee. 


Members have access to special offers from our partner businesses in the community.


A bi-monthly live Storytelling Session with one of our IGNITE! or SPARK! Community members to showcase their leadership path


This is how it all started - with Irene observing the Remarkable Women of Vietnam and
being inspired to tell their stories to the world!  

Ba Trieu's 21st Century Daughters. Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women 
celebrates the diversity and achievements of 20 Women Leaders in Vietnam.

Their remarkable stories inspire us to imagine what is possible! 

Book mock-up.jpeg
Marble Surface

Because ...

  • You feel there is so much more out there for your to conquer ...

  • You know you want to make a bigger impact, but don't know yet quite what this is

  • You are already managing people in your organisation, but you want to be a leader, too

The power of coaching opens up new possibilities for you,

the power of the generous community helps you live your vision.

I'd love for you to join us today.

Together, we can do so much more.


Your fee to join the IGNITE! Women Leadership Program and

life time access to the SPARK! CONNECTION Community

is USD 900 or VND20,700,000  + VAT

Our first online IGNITE! Women Leadership Program will kick off after the summer break.

​Join our waitlist to be the first to know when we're ready to go!  Numbers are limited. 

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